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put on your red shoes and dance the blues.

by www.flickr.com/photos/limegreeney.

i could follow you to the beginning
just to relive the start
maybe then we'd remember to slow down
at all of our favourite parts.

layout by mentahelada
mood by idontcaretocare
1990s, abstract art, acapellas, ally mcbeal, animals, banana smoothies, big bang theory, books, bowling, bubblewrap, buttered popcorn, cats, celebrity gossip, cheesecake, city and colour, clair de lune, clueless, death cab for cutie, deviantart, dirty sexy money, dogs, dollhouse, dorota, dr. sheldon cooper, drug-free, edward scissorhands, ella hooper, emoticons, equal rights, everwood, facebook, fairy bread, family, fast internet, feeling beautiful, fish phobias, flickr, friends, ghosts, glee, glitter, good hygiene, gossip girl, graphic design, great melodies, hand made things, handkerchiefs, handsome girls, hanson, hard-boiled sweets, harriet the spy, hilary duff, hot chips and gravy, ice cream, icons, inside jokes, interesting teeth, interior design, itunes, janis ian the character, killing heidi, kindness, lady gaga, last.fm, lemon lime bitters, lisa simpson, lizzie mcguire, lizzy caplan, long eyelashes, lyrics, makeup, manners, matthew warman, mean girls, mens deodorant, metric, morals, mother and son, muriel's wedding, music, mustard, my dslr, my iphone, nail polish, neil gaiman, neon colours, never been kissed, new york city, nice eyebrows, nostalgia, offensive jokes, ontd, oranges, paramore, people who smell nice, perfection, photo manipulations, photography, photoshop, pizza, polaroids, post its, pretty boys, qwerty keyboards, rainy days, reading on the toilet, rice, richie velch, secrets, sleeping in, snail mail, sonny with a chance, speculation, staying up late, summer, sunshine, susan vaught, swimming, taylor hanson, taylor york, the class, the colour yellow, the interwebs, the l word, the name astrid, the simpsons, the sims 2, the truth, the verses, titanic, trampolines, true blood, twitter, umbrellas, vintage telephones, weeds, youtube